My sister and I decided to engage in a 8-hour long writing challenge, where we both had to write a complete short story in a tiny 480 minutes.  But lo and behold, after starting at 3pm and writing till 11pm, we finished our stories and read them to our brother and his sister-in-law.

I’m quite proud of my 14-page, 8,129-word story, which chronicles the disaster the befalls of a peaceful Kingdom that’s “somewhere in the far reaches of the earth, but closer than you could imagine” filled with “mostly-happy people,” and the great Quest of Valor to solve “the mystery of the broken sky” and in doing so win the hand of the beautiful Princess.

Someday perhaps it will be published.  For now I’m quite happy for accomplishing such a feat and look forward to sharing it and one day holding a bound copy in hand, telling others “Yes, I am the writer of Imperceptible, the story of the tiny people.”

Reaching for the Sky - Painted by me with MyPaint, Gimp

I did not start writing my short story till around 5pm, however, because it took me two hours to decide what to write on. It began with my sitting outside on the porch, melting snow covering the majority of the deck, with my lukewarm hot-chocolate by my side, as well as my pen and tablet to write notes.  Then I stood and picked up a piece of broken icicle, and thought like “I will write about tiny people, so tiny you can’t see them!” and I held it to the sun, and was glad.

So to all a goodnight, and God bless!  And remember, there is no joy like writing your own story!