A Family MovedLast week I helped a family move from Berea, about 15 miles out of Cleveland, Ohio.  It was a pleasant trip that lasted about three days.  I went with Reverend Robert O. Morey and three friends, and we helped by packing boxes and loading the truck.

Saturday, some friends helped move the family into their new home in lovely West Virginia.

We left on Tuesday morning, and traveled to Berea. We helped them pack boxes, move furniture, and, decidedly the heaviest of all, carry the piano to the truck. :)

The moving crew ;)

Robert and I stayed at a very kind couple’s home, who lived near a pleasant little shopping area, which was set within restored historic buildings, complete with brick walkways and an old steam engine, which was on display.

The conversations with the townspeople were very interesting, complete with opinions on immigration and the government’s move to sue Arizona. Breakfast was a lovely thing at the Odd Fella’s cafe, where Mr. Morey and I had a late start one sunny morning.

One evening Robert and I went to the University Circle area of CIM (Cleveland Institute of Music) to visit a friend of ours, Mingli Sun, who is pianist working on his masters degree at CASE Western and CIM. We had a very enjoyable talk and then headed back to our lodging.

Robert, Me, and Mingli

Robert, Me, and Mingli

Long story short, the organization of the moving was great, and we worked together to make it happen.

On our last day in Ohio, the day we were to head back to West Virginia, we decided to visit the Cleveland bay and see some historic replicas of tall ships.

Our trip home was uneventful, save some more McDonalds smoothies and interesting conversations on haircuts, men’s style, and my future career.

Well, that’s about it. I really appreciate the good morale of my friends and pastor as we helped our friends move to West Virginia, and the great time we had, which I hope we will always remember.

And tomorrow evening starts another journey: my participation as part of a team creating an animated short film as our entry to the Richmond 48 Hour Film Festival, led by Jason Van Gumster. But more on that later.

For now, good tidings and fair sailing.

This is Benjamin Bailey, signing out.

The open sea... er, bay

The open sea... er, bay :}