And my result!

Some Friendly Help


I often find myself stumped by the simplest of things.  But luckily, I have friends. :)

The most recent example of a friend pulling me up out of the ditch of reckless frustration is this: I’ve been working on a project for Kurv Studios, but I couldn’t figure out how to UV map an image onto my character’s shoe.  Well, David Ward begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting came to my rescue by recording a little video tutorial for me, showing me how to add a decal to my mesh with UV mapping in Blender 2.51.

So here it is:

So I’d like to pass on a big “Thanks!” to David Ward for helping me out again.  My pre-visualization project is almost ready to be recorded into video tutorials, so you’ll be hearing more about it in the days to come!

And my result!

And my result!

As for daily news? I practiced driving for about an hour, and I was fitted for a tux for my brother’s upcoming wedding this March. And oh, that reminds me – I need to practice my duet for the ceremony!


Modeling Timelapse Part 2 – Malroy the Dragon


Well, I’ve finally gotten Part 2 of the Modeling Timelapse for Malroy the Dragon encoded.  Camtasia was being very fidgity, not letting me render – either complaining that it was out of memory due to large file size or odd dimensions, or just plain crash on me a fourth of the way through the render.  Anyway, I used Blender 2.49b to encode this baby.  Enjoy!

Modeling Timelapse Part 2 – Malroy the Dragon from Benjamin Bailey on Vimeo.

Dear readers, please let me know how you like this Malroy series, and if you want me to continue with this character or move onto new territory.

And oh, I plan to enter in the Blending Life 2 contest! It’s just started, and I’ve got 9 weeks to make the most realistic 3D human portrait possible.  Yikes!  This is going to be tough.

Best wishes!

Malroy the Dragon!


I am introducing Malroy the Dragon, the star character in my free 3D creation timelapses, featuring everything from his shaping from a simple cube to his splendor as a fully textured, rigged, and animated creature – or at least, that’s my hope.

Check out the first timelapse tutorial now, featuring Part 1 of his modeling process – make sure to come back soon to catch the second part to this new series!

Modeling Timelapse Part 1 – Malroy The Dragon from Benjamin Bailey on Vimeo.

Note: I kept in most all of my errors, to minimize editing time and let you see my whole workflow. Hope you enjoy the big picture. :)

P.S. Finished reading the Project London script! I really like Ian Hubert’s writing! :) Looking forward to getting underway with helping Ian out with some intro/end sequences for the film. I was recently added to the team! :)

HDR Reflections in Blender


My animation is finally done rendering and is done uploading!  This took a few days to render on this more powerful PC (AMD Athlon 7750 Dual-Core, 2.69 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM.)

HDR Reflections in Blender from Benjamin Bailey on Vimeo.

It’s time for me to get onto this Christmas production video editing!  Yikes!

Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!  May you have a fulfilling life!

New splash image!

New Splash for Homepage!


Today I added a new splash image to my homepage,, so when you go to my website you aren’t confronted with the horrific file structure system.

New splash image!

New splash image!

And of course, with a little CSS magic you have your classic-looking image rollover, which reveals “Go 2 Blog” – a sweet, strong invitation to join in on my merry journey!

Now for some sleep.  Tons of video editing I’ve been putting off to do tomorrow.  Man, I should learn to use buffer when working with deadlines.

Anyway, toodles!


P.S. And a big thanks to Andrew Duncan for fixing the permissions on my WordPress installation so I no longer have to link to my images on  Now I can upload my files directly to the server!  Whoot!

HDR Images in Blender!


Today I learned how to use an HDRi image as a World background in Blender, for use in creating realistic reflections.  Using an HDR light probe angular map image, I was able to greatly improve my little object’s lame material into a stunning render.



With HDR light probe angular map

With HDR light probe angular map

With HDRi angmap and compositing

With HDRi angmap and compositing

I hope to turn this little baby into a spaceship and animate a set of fly-by shots!

Here’s the node setup (for a different render of the chrome spaceship that looks like this. This other render took 4 hours and 12 minutes to render, with 15 motion blur render passes!)

Chrome spaceship node setup

This project was a branch-off of another project (in an attempt to re-learn IPO drivers) that I hope to return to soon, which looks like this:

Futuristic engine model

Futuristic engine model

And while chatting with a friend over a Skype call, I modeled this fellow (still a work in progress, mind you!)

Head model (WIP) during Skype call with Trey Bowen

Christmas is coming on soon, and I’m done with my shopping for the family!  Yipee!  I even shopped for a few things for myself (shameful, I know.)  Oh, and of course I have a lot more work to do on editing videos for the upcoming Christmas production by my church’s youth group.  So, I’ll be onto that tomorrow!

Here’s the shepherd scene, fully edited (no audio on purpose.)

Shepherds – Christmas Production from Benjamin Bailey on Vimeo.

(You can check out my other videos for this production by browsing my Vimeo playlist.)

I’ve got more to share, but that’s enough for one evening!  So long, folks! God bless and a merry, merry Christmas to you all!


Interviewed for Blender Indonesia!


A few weeks ago I was interviewed for Blender Indonesia‘s magazine, [dot]Blend Magz! It is a great honor, and the second issue, containing my interview, is published! Hiza Ro permitted me to upload it to my site. Check it out now!

Right now I am very busy with preparing the footage for my church’s youth group Christmas production, which will combine live action with recorded video to put on the screen. It’s pretty cool.  Today I finished reviewing most of the footage we shot, and tomorrow I will be editing as much as possible all day long!

Gotta get some sleep, now that I’m done playing CTF matches in Open Arena!

I’ve got work to do! Cheers!

To Cleveland Once More


Once again I will be traveling to Cleveland, this time for my good friends’, Charles Morey and Sharon Lee’s after-wedding celebration! I will be traveling with some family and friends, and hope to stay at the Brother’s House once more. It’s a great place!

(Above) Winter Scene wireframe/solid composite

As of late, I’ve had a cold and have been watching a lot of movies/shows. Besides that, life moves slowly in one moment, then faster than a speeding bullet in the next. I have two Blender projects to complete very soon:

  1. A “Winter scene” art entry and making-of article for the BlenderArt Magazine, which is a huge privilege!
  2. And an interview for the .Blend Magz, the Blender Indonesia Army magazine, another online e-magazine dedicated to Blender.

(Above) The finished curve design for the spruce trees in my Winter Scene project.

Screenshot of the Winter Scene for BlenderArt Magazine

(Note: these images are only WIPs (work-in-progress’s.)

It is an honor to have these opportunities, and I pray that I do not squander the gifts I have been given.

May you all be blessed in this festive season, but most of all, find the love of God enduring.

Peace unto all,

-Benjamin Bailey

Travel, Blender, Writing… Oh my!


I’m back at last*, and ready start posting again! Life has been interesting, to say the least. In this past month and a half I’ve visited Cleveland to check out the Cleveland Institute of Art, started NaNoWriMo halfway through November, been requested to do an article for BlenderArt Magazine, and helped a family move to a new house. Crazee, eh? :)

Let’s start from the end and move back – so, let’s begin with today.

Today I took the Humanities CLEP pretest, and got 13 wrong out of 61.  Not too shabby, right?  Well, that means it’s still partly shabby.  :P So, I not only need to study the questions I got wrong, but study the questions I guessed on (which adds another 12, not including the questions I guessed and got wrong.)

Last night I started an art project for the BlenderArt Magazine, issue #25.  Sandra Gilbert (managing editor of BlenderArt) contacted me via Facebook, asking if I would do an article, and I agreed. :D   So, I am working on a little snowy (and hopefully creepy) scene, and plan to write an accompanying “making-of” for the upcoming e-magazine issue.

Snow scene – Note: it’s currently a work in progress

Recently I also did a little project (for myself,) called Wings of Tribute.  It’s in honor of each nation’s Airforce – to their passion, skill, and sacrifice.

Wings of Tribute

Also, this month is November, and you know what that means! Yep, NaNoWriMo 2009! The National Novel Writing Month, where you have to chuck out 50k in 30 days. Not too bad – if you don’t start late. I’ve still only got under 6k words, with about 10 days to go! Here’s to hoping I pull through (perhaps with Write or Die!)

Recently I got back into preparing articles for, which has been very rewarding.   See some of my articles here.

And then there’s Cleveland.  I went there for a week and stayed with some friends, and got to shop at a Chinese market, taste bubble tea, check out the Cleveland Museum of Art and learn who Gauguin is, be captivated by a botanical garden, audit some classes, met professors, learn how to navigate a city by myself, and most of all, meet a bunch of neat people I hope I will never forget!  I may give a more in-depth report on my opinion of CIA, but until then, let’s just finish this post with a few pictures from my trip.

Crazy night lights on the way to a restaurant

Rehearsal in Mixen Hall, CIM

Me drinking hot chocolate and trying to look cool

The Cleveland Botanical Garden glass room

All images Copyright © 2009 Benjamin Bailey

I used DBP Batch Processor plugin for GIMP to resize these images. Though of course, I could have resized them with

And of course, I’m learning how to drive.  Yes, I know, I’m “late”, but hey, I’m learning it now.

And for all of you duckies who want to succeed: work, listen, love.

Cheerio! (No, I’m not Brittish ;) )


P.S. Now that I’ve been so prideful, pray that I do not fall! :D

*Sorry, it’s taken me some time to get around to writing a post. Also, I was not being able to find out how to login to app that is installed on the host (if you have trouble with this, try: (emphasis added for clarity.))

Two Timelapses


I did these about a month ago, but they’re still good! Enjoy!

3D Modeling Timelapse – “The Clock” Part I from Benjamin Bailey on Vimeo.

Modeling Timelapse – “The Clock” Part II from Benjamin Bailey on Vimeo.

My goal is to finish my highschool, prepare for college, and continue my art, music, and Blender skills! I plan to make some free video tutorials for Blender, and once I have built my demo reel and teaching video repertoire, I can apply for the BFCT!

Have a great day!

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