Drama Camp!!!Alright, so this week I am part of the staff heading up a drama camp at the Historic Fayette Theatre! Starting tomorrow morning at 8:30am, I’m going to help lead a group of some 48 children in learning songs from Grease and Peter Pan.

There will be three staff members, myself included, who will be running the camp, and another staff member who will be coming in for two days to teach how to make your own puppets. Joy Lynn, the owner of the Whipple Company Store & Museum, will be heading up the camp, and her daughter, Charlotte, is also part of the staff.

On Tuesday I will be teaching three art classes to groups of students, using crayons for the youngsters and acrylic paints for the older kids. Hopefully I will be able to throw some color theory into the mix!

And then Saturday evening will be the culmination of our great efforts, when you will be able to come and view all the hard work the children have done in preparing theatrical songs!

Of course, I’ll give you a low-down after the whole event, but just wanted to give you a heads-up!

Cheers and meet you on the other end, friend! ;)