Drama, Wedding, WebsiteA strange title, indeed. But I am going to update you on a number of special events that have passed by over this and the week before.

First off, the Historic Fayette Theatre Children’s Drama Camp 2010 went very well! Here are some photos highlighting the week:

I edited together a pleasant little music video the week’s events, but I’ll show you that next time.

The second event was my brother’s wedding. :) Yes, my second oldest brother, Tim Bailey, fell in love with a wonderful girl, Becky Smith, and they were wed this past Saturday at our church.

I was best man, toast master, and got to dress up in a lovely blue outfit. Pretty nice. :) And the bridesmaids were beautiful, too.

I wish them the best!

And finally, I’ve been working on my website design. You say “Oh come’on, Ben, seriously, you’ve been working on this for over a year.” Well, that’s true, but I just started a new design, to replace the old one. It’s much slicker and more stylish. It’s inspired by an excellent website I recently saw.

I’m considering coding the website as a WordPress theme, but I’m not sure about that yet. Somehow I want this blog inserted seamlessly in with the rest of the design.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll catch you on the next train.

Bon voyage!