It’s almost 2010, so that means we should keep with tradition and make two thousand and ten resolutions for this coming year, right? Eh, maybe not.

I’ve been adament against making New Year’s resolutions all my life, but this year I feel strangely comeplelled to make a change – big change.

Sure, I’ve been compelled before, and on previous New Year’s, but this time I have a big list and an even bigger responsibility than before.

Instead of being free to just make huge wishes and hoping they’d come true, that I’d be a hero and succeed in everything I had set out to do, this coming year I have to consider something else, bigger, large, and definitely more scary.

I used to like to think I was ahead of the game – I still do, in a small, weird way, but in so many ways I’m behind. I’m fat (some would say “overweight”,) I have a lot to study, and most of all, college to consider. Afterall, next month I will be 19 years old.

Sometimes people are put on a fast track, garnaring a PhD at age 21. Other times they go slower, maybe getting into college at age 18. Still others are a bit slower, waiting and wondering. I guess you could put me in the latter faction.

Should I go to Full Sail to pursue multimedia and film, or to the DAVE School for animation and visual effects instruction, or to the ALERT Academy to get a firm gripping in Christian principles along with a full set of applicible trades – and a nice figure to boot.

The way I’m headed isn’t nearly as substantial as I’d like it to be, but my current focus is online software training, independent filmmaking, and contributing to open source projects.

I’ve always loved music, drawing, singing – but maybe film is the way I should go? Or maybe not.

Anyhow, this near year is looming upon us – only about 3 hours until the big 10 – our tenth year of the 21st century.

I could make a documentary about my health and coming fitness journey, or make a short video every single day for a year, or write a musical, or fly to South Africa and go backpacking across the wild continent.

So what should I do? Hey, why am I asking you? I have to figure this out.

But if there is one thing I know, it’s this:

You will never conquer the world until you first conquer yourself. This is the inner Beast – once you have control of this, you have control of everything.
- Benjamin Bailey (me)

So, enjoy this coming year, and God bless you!

Be the man you want to be – the man you are destined to be.

P.S. Having a great time with relatives up here in Iowa with relatives, watching football, shows, a movie; eating sweets, playing Super Mario Bros: Wii, and contemplating life. God bless!