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All-Night Composing

All-Night Composing


While others are tucked safe in their beds, I am pushing a song from my head. It’s for my father – it’s not that long; a trumpet trio, a pleasant, sad song. I hope he enjoys it, and I hope you do, too. It’s about memories, or regrets, or a tribute to sadness – I’m not quite sure, but it sure is powerful. (more…)

Mary and Joseph traveling

Christmas Production Is Over!


Well, it’s finally over. The youth of Fayetteville Christ Fellowship’s Christmas Production was performed yesterday evening at 6pm EST. This Biblical retelling of the Birth of Jesus was presented from the point of Mary of Nazareth, showing the roller-coaster ride she went through from before the point of receiving the message from Gabriel to the conception of Jesus, and His death and resurrection, this play shows you what she felt during these years of rejection and hope.


Eric's angel groupshot


Simeon's seems a bit busy with his iPhone

This play mixes live-action stage performance with pre-filmed video projected on the screen. In one scene, Mary actually has a conversation with the video (with the voice of Gabriel being dubbed live.)

We had a great cast, especially Erika Dailey (Erica Snuffer,) who portrayed Mary. A big thanks goes out to the entire youth group, our youth group leader who directed us, to those who provided the lands to film the shepherd scene and Buster the donkey for the traveling video, and the baby for the temple footage. We had actors, narrators, musicians, and those who ran the sound and video display during the performance – it was a huge undertaking, but the theme that permeated the entire production was “Trust, trust, trust”. Yes, trust God, and with that trusting, the whole project pulled through to become a beautiful performance.

Temple scene mini-groupshot

Temple scene mini-groupshot

Mary and Joseph traveling

Mary and Joseph traveling

I was privileged to portray a magi, sing the song “God With Us”, and direct, film, and edit the footage sequences, as well as narrate the voice of Joseph.

Me giving a thumbs-up for the temple scene :)

Me giving a thumbs-up for the temple scene :)

Praise God for His help and leading with this project, because without Him it would not have pulled through nearly as well. There was a lot of fighting against this production, but God prevailed.

You can see all the videos from this production on this Vimeo playlist!

Enjoy and God bless

Interviewed for Blender Indonesia!


A few weeks ago I was interviewed for Blender Indonesia‘s magazine, [dot]Blend Magz! It is a great honor, and the second issue, containing my interview, is published! Hiza Ro permitted me to upload it to my site. Check it out now!

Right now I am very busy with preparing the footage for my church’s youth group Christmas production, which will combine live action with recorded video to put on the screen. It’s pretty cool.  Today I finished reviewing most of the footage we shot, and tomorrow I will be editing as much as possible all day long!

Gotta get some sleep, now that I’m done playing CTF matches in Open Arena!

I’ve got work to do! Cheers!

To Cleveland Once More


Once again I will be traveling to Cleveland, this time for my good friends’, Charles Morey and Sharon Lee’s after-wedding celebration! I will be traveling with some family and friends, and hope to stay at the Brother’s House once more. It’s a great place!

(Above) Winter Scene wireframe/solid composite

As of late, I’ve had a cold and have been watching a lot of movies/shows. Besides that, life moves slowly in one moment, then faster than a speeding bullet in the next. I have two Blender projects to complete very soon:

  1. A “Winter scene” art entry and making-of article for the BlenderArt Magazine, which is a huge privilege!
  2. And an interview for the .Blend Magz, the Blender Indonesia Army magazine, another online e-magazine dedicated to Blender.

(Above) The finished curve design for the spruce trees in my Winter Scene project.

Screenshot of the Winter Scene for BlenderArt Magazine

(Note: these images are only WIPs (work-in-progress’s.)

It is an honor to have these opportunities, and I pray that I do not squander the gifts I have been given.

May you all be blessed in this festive season, but most of all, find the love of God enduring.

Peace unto all,

-Benjamin Bailey

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