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Having a wonderful time on the hike!

Speaking More Slowly


Did you ever realize that speaking more slowly is an art?  When you try to communicate across the language barrier you stop and go “Whoa… maybe what I’m saying really is hard to understand!”  It’s the gift of finding simple, new ways to tell people the most important things.  It’s tough, but it’s good.

Today I went on a walk with my sister and two Chinese ESL-student friends.  It was a great time!

Having a wonderful time on the hike!

Having a wonderful time on the hike!

After that, my sister and I headed over to our church to help film a church short film for this Easter’s production.  We were shooting a short scene where a teen girl is on her first day at school at a cafeteria, where she tries to find someone to relate to.  Expect to see a version online sometime before Easter!

And yesterday evening Becky, Tim, and I went out on a nice trip around downtown Fayettevile, asking people if they wanted to be interviewed.  We ended up in the park and got the majority of our whopping 5 interviews, and I got to play basketball with a bunch of teen dudes who I’ve never met before – it was awesome.  I plan on going out to film some more interviews in Beckley soon.

And tonight I finished a new version of my little character.  Hope you like Mr. Ugly!


My name does not reflect my kind heart - so stop staring at me, bub!

And that about concludes everything for tonight.  I wish you all the best and look forward to my future of bright opportunities, friendships, and discoveries.

God bless!

Modeling Timelapse Part 2 – Malroy the Dragon


Well, I’ve finally gotten Part 2 of the Modeling Timelapse for Malroy the Dragon encoded.  Camtasia was being very fidgity, not letting me render – either complaining that it was out of memory due to large file size or odd dimensions, or just plain crash on me a fourth of the way through the render.  Anyway, I used Blender 2.49b to encode this baby.  Enjoy!

Modeling Timelapse Part 2 – Malroy the Dragon from Benjamin Bailey on Vimeo.

Dear readers, please let me know how you like this Malroy series, and if you want me to continue with this character or move onto new territory.

And oh, I plan to enter in the Blending Life 2 contest! It’s just started, and I’ve got 9 weeks to make the most realistic 3D human portrait possible.  Yikes!  This is going to be tough.

Best wishes!

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