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Bouncing Ball – Animation Test #1 in Blender


Here is a short animation test using Blender 2.55.


New splash image!

New Splash for Homepage!


Today I added a new splash image to my homepage,, so when you go to my website you aren’t confronted with the horrific file structure system.

New splash image!

New splash image!

And of course, with a little CSS magic you have your classic-looking image rollover, which reveals “Go 2 Blog” – a sweet, strong invitation to join in on my merry journey!

Now for some sleep.  Tons of video editing I’ve been putting off to do tomorrow.  Man, I should learn to use buffer when working with deadlines.

Anyway, toodles!


P.S. And a big thanks to Andrew Duncan for fixing the permissions on my WordPress installation so I no longer have to link to my images on  Now I can upload my files directly to the server!  Whoot!

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